Michelin motorcycle Tyres

Michelin motorcycle Tyres

michelin-power-cup-ultimateMichelin make some of the best supersport tyres on the market, and in the coming months will be releasing 6 new products for the road and track. While we’ve not ridden on any of these tyres yet, we’re confident they’ll progress the already excellent Michelin range even futher. We’ll report back once we have some miles under our belt.

Michelin constantly revamps its range of hypersport and track motorcycle tyres with the introduction of new products. Designed to meet the needs of all riders, from the professional racer to the track-day enthusiast, the range incorporates the latest cutting edge technologies tested on the track in order to provide maximum safety, performance and riding enjoyment.

MICHELIN Power SuperMoto
michelin-power-supermotoDeveloped in collaboration with the best riders, this range turned in a winning performance at the FIM SuperMoto World Championship. It features a new 16-inch version and innovative rubber compounds that significantly and simultaneously improve feedback from the front tyre, handling, grip and longevity.
MICHELIN Power Slick Ultimate
michelin-power-slick-ultimateDesigned for experienced racers looking for quick lap times, this range is directly derived from the latest technological advances tested on the circuit.

MICHELIN Power Cup Ultimate
michelin-power-cup-ultimateThis tyre is the road legal treaded version of the MICHELIN Power Slick Ultimate.


MICHELIN Power Slick Evo
michelin-power-slick-evoThe MICHELIN Power Slick Evo is intended for the track and is ideal for weekend racer. Easy to handle, it features MICHELIN Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT) and a new highly versatile rubber compound that avoids having to make difficult tyre choices related to weather and circuit conditions.
MICHELIN Power Cup Evo
michelin-power-cup-evoThis tire is the road legal treaded version of the MICHELIN Power Slick Evo.

MICHELIN Power SuperSport Evo
michelin-power-supersport-evoThe MICHELIN Power SuperSport Evo is designed for both road and track use. It delivers excellent longevity combined with wet and dry performance due to a combination of new rubber compounds and MICHELIN Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT).

The rollout of these six new tyres in 2015 bears testimony to Michelin’s passion for motorsport, a passion dedicated to all motorcyclists. Racing means a lot more to Michelin however. As a longstanding component of the company’s DNA and philosophy, racing is an ideal laboratory for testing new technologies in the most extreme conditions of use. The synergy between racing and hypersport tyre development is particularly relevant today.

Having officially announced its return to MotoGP in 2016, Michelin is gearing up for a new challenge in this premier motorcycle racing championship where bikes deliver up to 250 hp. A continuously evolving showcase of advanced technology, MotoGP is set to adopt the 17-inch wheel size which is the market standard for sports and road motorcycles.

Boasting its 112th world championship across all disciplines, as well as an extraordinary 2014 season marked by two stunning victories at the Spanish and Italian Speed Championships, Michelin has established an impressive record of wins in motorcycle racing. An important showcase of Michelin knowhow, racing has long been a laboratory for technological excellence that has richly contributed to the six new tyre ranges.

Did you know...

The French company Michelin is the world’s second largest tyre manufacturer and the largest in Europe. Michelin has an extensive history with motorsport, having competed in Formula 1, MotoGP and endurance racing for many years. Michelin have returned to MotoGP in 2016 as official tyre supplier after Bridgestone’s withdrawal from the series at the end of the 2015.