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About Us



Gateway Marketing is an integrated publishing and marketing communications company that specialises in the promotion of B2B activities in the Middle East and Africa region, with a focus on food, automotive, events, beauty and cosmetics sectors.

With over 25 years of experience, the company focuses on providing information on opportunities, trends, innovations and market insights in these key areas of the economy in Africa and the Middle East.

Our focus areas are the following:

  • Foodstuff, Beverages & Hotel Supplies;
  • Beauty, Cosmetics & Perfumes;
  • Automotive aftermarket;
  • Events, Exhibitions & Conferences;



Gateway Marketing is the leader in the publication of high quality, high impact B2B magazines that target decision-makers and opinion leaders in the Middle East and African markets.

Our publications are distributed to several Middle Eastern and African countries and are also available online in digital format – using the latest digital technologies and social media marketing media – to highlight trends, analysis and investment opportunities in our focus markets. Over the years, we have built a loyal readership across the region. In fact, our readership extends beyond the the Middle East and Africa region to other parts of the world – especially amongst those interested in the booming markets of Africa and the Middle East.


Our publications include:

BUSINESS GUIDE AFRICA magazine – The first magazine of its kind launched in 1995 that targets the business community in 15 countries across Africa. Find more on the website:
FOODSTUFF AFRICA magazine – Another premier publication focused on policy, technology and trends in Africa’s foodstuff, agriculture, agribusiness, hotels supplies and beverages industry. Find more on the website:
BEAUTY AFRICA magazine – A dedicated magazine that targets the fast growing market in Africa for beauty products, cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries industry. Find more on the website:
DUBAI TYRE DEALERS magazine – Promoting the tyre trade to and from Dubai, this premier publication is dedicated to the promotion of direct business-to-business contacts between buyers, sellers and manufacturers of tyres. Find more on the website:
The company plans to launch more magazines covering engineering, health, science and technology with the goal of providing a 360 degrees view of the industry in the African and Middle East markets.

Event management

We organize and execute industry events in the region with the goal of providing business and networking platforms between the various industry players, governments, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The company, alone or in partnership with various partners, plans and executes various types of seminars, buyer-seller meets and B2B events covering a wide range of business sectors.

We also provide consultancy services on penetrating new and emerging markets around the world; conduct studies and research; compile market reports and collect market intelligence; organise field marketing activities through our extensive network of associates and partners in the Middle East and African markets.