Giti Tire launches Giti PCR brand in Germany at Automechanika Frankfurt

Giti Tire launches Giti PCR brand in Germany at Automechanika Frankfurt

gitisport-s1Following up the European launch of Giti branded truck tyres at Reifen 2016, Giti Tire has now launched a new flagship Giti branded passenger car and SUV summer portfolio for the German market. The range, which consists of four “premium performance” tyres, has been developed and tested exclusively throughout Europe by the company’s Hannover-based R&D Centre. Giti stated that there were “no plans to replace the GT Radial brand”, previously positioned as its global flagship, in Europe when the commercial range was launched. According to the manufacturer, this remains the case, with the Giti PCR range designed to complement its existing GT Radial, Primewell and Runway brands; Giti will offer selected sizes aimed at specific vehicle segments.

Giti Tire states that the launch into the German market only is part of a strategic process to gauge the new brand’s performance in one of the region’s most demanding tyre markets. No decision will be made on a European rollout until all data is collated and reviewed.

New Giti PCR range details

The range consists of four tyres: the GitiSport S1 UHP tyre in rim sizes between 17 and 20 inches; the GitiSport S1 SUV for powerful, large SUVs; the GitiPremium H1 for mass market cars running on 16-18 inch rims; and the GitiSynergy E1, which is designed for smaller cars on 15-17 inch rims with a greater focus on reduced rolling resistance.

giti synergy e1“We are immensely proud to be launching the Giti brand in Germany, with a summer portfolio developed right here at our European R&D Centre in Hannover,” said Torsten Gehrmann, senior managing director – Europe. “We have a very clear strategy behind our multi-brand approach, with the performance attributes and sizes of Giti very carefully selected in-line with market demands, vehicle developments and existing products.

“The new Giti brand will sit alongside GT Radial, Primewell and Runway as these remain the mass-volume sellers which underpin our business, and continue to be the core European brands both in and outside of Germany. Our short, medium and long-term R&D plans cover all these core names.

“This is a further proof, if it were needed, that Giti Tire is wholly committed to the European region and delivering products and support that meet the needs of all levels of the supply chain, right through to the motorist. The future looks very positive, and we will deliver on all fronts.”

The new tyres made their industry debut Automechanika Frankfurt and are now available to order for the summer season.