VRB Trades FZE: Supplier of Tyres, Tubes, Flaps and Batteries

VRB Trades FZE: Supplier of Tyres, Tubes, Flaps and Batteries
V RB Trades FZE offers a comprehensive range tyres, tubes and batteries for African buyers

VRB Trades FZE is a leading supplier of all kinds of tyres, tubes, batteries and pre-tread rubber in the United Arab Emirates. The company


specialises in Off-The-Road (OTR) as well as Industrial tyres from leading manufacturers from around the world. The company deals in wide range of tyres from renowned manufacturers in India, Japan, Europe and China. Whether it is tyres for trucks, buses, passenger cars, off-the-road or industrial use, VRB Trades FZE has a wide range available in its comprehensive product range.

VRB Trades FZE is also a leading supplier of all kinds of tubes, flaps and batteries from leading manufacturers in Korea, China and India and is fast developing its clientele in new and emerging markets in Africa.

Kumar, the managing director of VRB Trades FZE has over 10 years of professional experience in the field of tyres and automobile spare parts and has thorough knowledge of the trade.

Being a distributor of internationally-renowned brands gives the company an advantage over its competitors as it is able to offer competitive prices to its customers. As a result, VRB Trades Fze has been successful in capturing a sizable share of the re-export markets in Africa as well as other parts of the world and has been exporting tyres, tubes, batteries and pre-tread rubber to many African countries on a regular basis.

Angola, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda are some of the main markets the company has been exporting its goods on a regular basis to.

“Demand for quality tyres, batteries, tubes and pre-tread rubber in Africa has been growing at a steady pace in recent times,” notes Kumar. “We are well positioned to meet this increasing demand in Africa by offering African customers a wide range of products at extremely low prices,” he says.

The company has earned an enviable reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and efficient supplier and is gearing to penetrate new and emerging markets in Africa by forming longterm business alliances with importers, stockists and wholesalers in the African continent.

By offering extremely competitive prices on its entire product range, VRB Trades is poised to further expand its growing customer base in African countries.



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