Zafco launches new tyres at Reifin Show in Germany

Zafco launches new tyres at Reifin Show in Germany

Putting brands in the limelight has become a norm for ZAFCO. This year’s Reifen Show was no exception. Just like previous years, ZAFCO’s stall was a  manifestation of style and elegance with an eye-catching display of products.

At the Reifin Show, Zafco put out on display a wide range of products from ZEETEX and OTANI specially for the European market. The range covered all tyre categories.

The much awaited launch for the “Value for Money” range from ZEETEX was conducted on the first day of the exhibition, unveiling four new patterns including Van Tyre, CT2000 VFM and UHP tyre as well as the HP2000 VFM. In the truck and bus radials segment, a new generation of FRT Tyre for longhaul application, “ZTH1 Extra” was launched together with drive axle tire for regional application, the “ZDR3 Extra”.

For the OTANI brand of tyres, the new drive axle pattern for off-road application, the OH-312 was launched.  The tread pattern is aggressive enough to deliver outstanding traction in tough off-road conditions.

A lavish gala dinner was organised at Atlantic Congress Hotel on the second day of the exhibition, which was attended by over 110 people from the tyre industry. An exclusive Loyalty Program called ‘GRATIAZ’ was launched at the event, followed by an in-depth product presentation and test results of the new ZEETEX VFM Range.

“As always, the footfall at the Reifen Show was massive and having a remarkable response for our products certainly paid-off,” said says Raghavendra Sanga, Head of Product Communication & Marketing for ZAFCO. “Being there among the top tyre manufacturers and having a strong product portfolio, ZAFCO vows to keep striving forward by offering tailor-made products to the market. Last, but not the least, the visitors were delighted to see the test results of our new products”, he said.